3 Herbal Medicines That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is one thing that dangerous enough for you life. Often have high
blood pressure will increase your chance to experience many dangerous disease like
cardiovascular disease or even stroke disease.
Fortunately, it is not hard at all to lower your blood pressure. There are even some herbal
medicines that can help reducing blood pressure. Here are some herbal medicines that you
can use for lowering your blood pressure:
Basil is one of herbal medicine that can be used for lowering blood pressure. It is because
basil is having eugenol substance inside. The eugenol substance have been studied can
lower the blood pressure.
The other herbal medicine that can help lowering blood pressure is garlic. Garlic is having
special substance that is called with nitric oxide.
The nitric oxide can make the blood vessel relax. When the blood vessel is relax enough, the
blood can flow freely and will not make your blood pressure increase drastically.
Almost the same with the garlic, ginger is also having effect of relaxing the blood vessel.
Beside of relaxing blood vessel, ginger is also good enough to increase the blood circulation.

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