Best Herbal Medicine to Cure Cough

From many types of common disease, cough is the one that often make many people suffer.
It is because when you are suffering cough disease, it will be hard to breathe and even
sleep. That is why; it is good enough to deal it as soon as possible.
For you who want to cure the cough disease and use the herbal method, you can try using
some of these herbal medicines that well known as the best cough remedies:
Tea and honey
The first herbal medicine for curing cough disease is the combination between tea and
honey. Those 2 herbal ingredients are great enough to relieve the pain in the chest when
you are coughing. Beside of that, tea and honey can help improving our immune and make
it fight the cough disease from inside.
If you want to have the maximum result, you are also able to add ginger in the mixture of
tea and honey.
Ginger is also having anti inflammation effect. With having that kind of effect, ginger is also
well known as the best solution for curing cough disease.

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