How to Cure Acne Problem with Herbal Medicine

Acne is the common problem in your face skin. However, even it looks like common skin
problem; acne can turn into more dangerous disease if it is not cured properly.
Talking about curing acne, actually you can do it with just using the herbal medicine.
Unfortunately, not many people know about it yet.
So, if you interest to know about how to cure acne with using herbal medicine, you can
learn it here:
1. First, take the apple cider vinegar and combine it with water. Use one part of apple
cider vinegar and 3 part of water. You can add more water if your skin is sensitive
2. Clean first your face skin and then apply the mixture on your face skin.
3. Let it sit on your face skin about 20 second.
4. After that, rinse your face skin and do not forget to dry it. Do this method once or
twice a day.

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