How to Cure Constipation with Using Herbal Medicine

Constipation looks like common problem. However, if you do not overcome it, the
constipation can be serious problem for you.
Constipation is able to be overcome with consuming special medication. However, it is also
able to cure with using some herbal medicine.
For you who have constipation problem and want to overcome it naturally, you can try using
some of these herbal medicine:
 Psyllium
The first herbal medicine that can overcome serious constipation is called the
psyllium. The psyllium is having a lot of natural fiber inside. Because of that, psyllium
is commonly used as natural treatment for serious constipation problem.
 Rhubarb
Rhubarb is known as the herbal medicine for diarrhea. However, it is also having
great effect for constipation. Rhubarb also has laxative effect that can be used to
cure serious constipation problem.
Beside of using those 2 herbal medicines, you are also able to cure constipation with eating
more fruit and vegetable. Moreover, it is also good to do more exercise too.

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