How to Use Betel Leaf as Digestion Herbal Medicine

Do you often experience any problem in your digestion system? Actually, the problem on
digestion system can happen because of many reasons.
However, the biggest reason of digestion system appearance is because of unhealthy
lifestyle. Fortunately, that problem is easy enough to be solved. You can use betel leaf as the
natural remedies for digestion system problem.
So, here is how to use betel leaf as digestion herbal medicine:
You can consume it directly
The first thing that you can do if you want to use betel leaf as digestion herbal medicine is
by consuming it directly. Consuming betel leaf directly is good enough because it has huge
antioxidant which can restore the pH inside of our body.
You can brew it
If you cannot consume betel leaf directly, then you are still able to brew it. Brewing betel
leaf is not giving as huge impact as you eat it directly. However, it is still good enough to
help reducing digestion system problem that you suffer.

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