Kind of Benefit from Turmeric as Herbal Medicine

Turmeric is commonly used as food ingredients. It is also commonly used as natural yellow
coloring food. However, turmeric is also having great benefit for our health, especially for
So, what kind of benefit that you can get if you often consume turmeric? Here are some
benefits that you can get from turmeric:
 Reduce the menstrual pain
For women, turmeric can be a live safer. It is because turmeric can help reducing
your menstrual pain. Turmeric can reduce menstrual pain because it has analgesic,
antipyretic, and also anti inflammation effect.
 Reduce and prevent inflammation in throat
As the result of having anti inflammation effect, curcuma is also good enough to be
used as natural cough medicine.
It is because curcuma is able to reduce and even prevent inflammation happen
inside of our throat.
 Reduce and prevent skin irritation
The last thing, curcuma is also can be used as skin irritation solution. It is once again
because curcuma is having anti inflammation effect.

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