Kind of Herbal Medicine for Acne Problem

Acne is one kind of face skin problem that commonly suffer by people. There are many kinds
of reason about why people can suffer it on their face skin.
However, acne is not hard to deal. There are many kinds of herbal medicine that you can
use for dealing it.
So, if you face acne problem and you want to deal it as fast as possible, you can start using
one of this herbal medicine:
 Honey and cinnamon mask
The first natural treatment for acne problem is the combination of honey and also
cinnamon. The combination of honey and cinnamon can be used as the face mask.
Why the combination of honey and cinnamon can be used to cure acne? It is
because that combination has anti inflammation, antioxidant, and also anti bacteria
effect too.
 Tea tree oil
Beside of the combination between honey and cinnamon, it is also good enough to
use tea tree oil as the herbal medicine for acne.
Tea tree oil is good for killing the bacteria that trigger the acne problem and also as
natural anti inflammation.

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