Kind of Herbal Medicine That Can Help Controlling Cholesterol Level

Many people who are living in this era is having problem with their cholesterol level. Most
of them are having imbalance cholesterol level between the bad and the good one.
If you are also experiencing that problem, actually you can solve it with using herbal
medicine. As long as it is not too late, it is still possible to balance your cholesterol level with
just using herbal medicine.
So, here are some herbal medicines that can help controlling your cholesterol level:
Garlic has been proven as good herbal medicine to reduce the LDL cholesterol level. With
consuming garlic, you will be able to maintain the level of your bad and good cholesterol.
Green tea
If you do not like the odor of garlic, you can use green tea as the other solution for dealing
with cholesterol level. Green tea is good enough to maintain your cholesterol level because
it has polyphenols inside. The polyphenols is good substance that can lower the LDL level
and increase the HDL level.

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