The Benefit of Betel Leaf as Herbal Medicine

Betel leaf is one kind of natural ingredient that can be used as herbal medicine. It can be
used as herbal medicine because betel leaf is having a lot of benefit.
Have you understood about what kind of betel leaf benefit? Here are some of benefits that
you can get after consuming betel leaf regularly:
It can be used as natural antiseptic
Betel leaf is having antiseptic effect. It is because betel leaf has polyphenols inside. That is
why; betel leaf is often used as natural ingredients in soap.
It can be used as natural analgesic
Not only has antiseptic effect, betel leaf also has analgesic effect. With having analgesic
effect, betel leaf is often used to reduce pain in some wounds.
It is also easy enough to be used as pain killer. You only need to mash up some of betel leaf
and apply it on the wound.

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