The Benefit of Consuming Betel Leaf Stew As Herbal Medicine

Betel leaf is able to give many health benefits. It can be used directly on your skin or even
drink it. If you want to drink it, you need to make betel leaf stew.
So, what kind of benefit you can get with consuming betel leaf stew regularly? Here are
some benefits that you can get from consuming betel leaf stew:
It can help reduce your body odor and bad breath
With consuming betel leaf stew regularly, you can reduce some problem like bad body odor
and even bad breath. It is because the betel leaf stew is having some substance that can
control the hormone that produces sweat in our body.
Beside of that, the betel leaf stew also has antiseptic effect which can kill all of bacteria that
influence the appearance of bad breath problem.
It can cure bleeding gums
If you have sensitive gums, then you can start consuming betel leaf stew regularly. It is
because with consuming betel leaf stew, you can reduce or even cure bleeding gums

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