The Disadvantage of Consuming Herbal Medicine

Yes, herbal medicine is good enough. It has a lot of advantage. Unfortunately, it also has
some disadvantage too.
So, what kind of disadvantage you can get if you choose to consume herbal medicine? Here
are some disadvantages of consuming herbal medicine:
 Herbal medicine can give fast effect
The first and become the biggest disadvantage of consuming herbal medicine is it
cannot give fast effect to you.
So, if you want to cure some sickness with it, then you are choosing the wrong
solution. Herbal medicine is good enough to be used as prevention solution.
Moreover, if you want to use it as solution to cure some diseases, then you need to
accompany it with other medication.
 You need to be patience
As the result of having long time to show the result, consuming herbal medicine will
need huge patience from you.
If you do not have huge patience, then you can forget about having the result from
consuming herbal medicine.

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